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Tamás Lehoczky (1976)

1998-2001 Théba Art School – video and film studies
2001-2006 ELTE University – Faculty of Arts – film theory and history major

prizes for films:
Round and Round (2001)
8th Youth and Student Film Festival, Hungary - best „experimental-ethnographical” film

1st Blacksmiths’ Gathering, Budapest (2001)
3rd Moholy Film Festival- special prize

2nd Blacksmiths’ Gathering (2002)
9th Youth and Student Film Festival, Hungary

This is me here (2002)
9th Youth and Student Film Festival, Hungary – special prize
EMERGEANDSEE Film Festival 2002 (Budapest and London, Doodah - short films and video)
Busho Vision International Shortfilm Festival (2005) - Outstanding ability in filmmaking

Blacksmiths’ Gathering, Ajka (2002)
11th Youth and Student Film Festival, Hungary – special prize

Catman 3 – Behind the scenes (2005)
12th Youth and Student Film Festival, Hungary – special prize


Másfilm – One and a half movie (1997)
Vakvágányon – Dead end (1999)
Ugratás – Pulling legs (1999)
Vasútkukacok – Train worms (2000)
Körbe-körbe – Round and round(2001)
I. Budapesti Nemzetközi Kovácstalálkozó – 1st International Blacksmiths’ Gathering, Budapest (2001)
Ez itt én vagyok – This is me, here(2002)
II. Budapesti Nemzetközi Kovácstalálkozó – 2nd International Blacksmiths’ Gathering, Budapest (2002)
Cicákok – Kittens (2002)
Európai Kovácstalálkozó Szöulban - European Blacksmiths' Workshop (Seoul, South Korea) (2002)
Kártékony fajok – Damaging species(2003)
Ajkai Nemzetközi Kovácstalálkozó – International Blacksmiths’ Gathering, Ajka(2003) subject: petrigyörgy (2003)
III. Budapesti Nemzetközi Kovácstalálkozó – 3rd International Blacksmiths’ Gathering, Budapest (2004)
Vasemberek – Ironmen (2004)
Taxidermia werk – Making of Taxidermia (2004-) (Aprily Zoltánnal közösen – with Zoltan Aprily)
V. Országos Kovácstalálkozó (2005)
Macskásember 2 avagy Ifjú Sherlock a négylábú nyomozó – Catman 2 - Sherlock Jr. the four-leg detective (2005)
Macskásember 3 A színfalak mögött – Catman 3 - Behind the scenes (2005)

You can see films on: This is me here (Filmmaking with cats)
Filmmaking with cats 2

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Interview with Tamas

Tamas filmmaking

- When did you start with filmmaking? Tell us something about your first steps in film world.

When I graduated from secondary school I had no idea what to do. I wasn't interested in anything, but playing on my guitar...I studied english and communication at the university, but soon I realized that studying English is no fun at all for me. So I decided to study film or photography instead. I enrolled to an art school where I learned filmmaking and cinematography. Some years later when I couldn't get in the Film Academy I applied the film theory major at ELTE University, Budapest. I'm just graduating now, writing my diploma (interviews with one of the most unique hungarian cinematographer, Sándor Kardos), and starting my 'cinematographer career' at the same time. So mainly, I'm interested in cinematography, but I make 1-2 films a year for myself if I have some ideas and time.

- On 2005. BUSHO, Budapest Short Film Festival, your film "This is me, here" won A MAFSZ award. Did you expected that?

It's quite surprising for me that this very short exam film made at ELTE University, film theory major, is that succesful. I didn't expected that the audience will like it that much. I only made it for myself. The whole process was a fun to make a film with cats. I won some prizes with this, and funnily, last time I got a film history dvd collection at Busho Film, from which I studied at the art school, haha...

- Are you working on some new film at the moment?

We're just finishing a new episode of the 'filmmaking with cats series' at the moment with Juli Szabó, my co-director and fiancee, haha. She’s a great help to me, we split the tasks, I make the more technical parts like camera and editing, and she’s much more talented in writing the script and directing. So I’d say that she’s a kind of sciptdoctor for our films and we split the task of directing.

- What inspire you the most for your films?

I watched thousands of movies in the last 10 years, sure I got some inspiration from them. But when I make a film I don't need that direct inspiraton.

- Which "big movie" directors you admire?

Filmmaking is a craft...every film has to be made somehow and it doesn't matter whether it's a commercial one or an art movie. There are some rules, which you follow or neglect, depending on the stlyle you chose. So I don't have favourite genres or styles, I also like the big hollywood directors (mainly the ones who came from Europe, haha), such as Billy Wilder, Hithcock, etc. and the underground 'idols' such as Stan Brakhage, Maya Deren, etc. And of course I’m a big fan of hungarian and european films.

- What are your favorite films, and why do you like them?

As I said earlier I'm fond of nearly every genres.

- Are you planing directing some feature-length film in near future?

No way, haha. I'm studying to be a feature film cinematographer. I make short films only for fun.